Features of scooter bikes

A scooter bike is a bike with a step-through frame. That is, you can step into them rather than climbing and swinging a leg over. On a scooter, the rider only needs to place his/her foot on a platform comfortably other than keeping them sideways. Scooter bikes are slightly different from motorcycles in that they have; an engine greater than50cc, wheels under 16 inches in diameter and a manual transmission or a brake horsepower of more than 1⅟2.
What are other features of scooter bikes that distinguish them from the rest of the bikes or motorcycles? The following are a few features to look out for in these bikes:

1. Tires and wheelbase
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Building Companies in the UK

With tens of thousands of contractors and building companies UK it is easy to find someone to get the job done. 2.1 million jobs which equals 6.2% of the UK’s total jobs were in the building sector in 2015. Using local building companies UK helps to keep money in your area. Local building companies within the UK often support other local businesses and local traders for both business and recreational reasons. When you create a relationship with a company, you appreciate the connection you would not otherwise have. Using local UK building companies keeps the businesses open which in turn enriches the community.

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